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Herpes Dating Site

Herpes Dating Site


When you have a constant health problem, dating becomes a nightmare. People living with hsv1 or hsv2 find it impossible to date with people without informing them about their health condition. And once people learn about herpes, they prefer to cease their relationships rather than learn to deal with it without catching the virus. However, living with herpes is not so difficult as people imagine and you know it better than anyone else. Herpes positive singles find their love through herpes dating sites and don't worry about the social opinion. Fortunately, there are numerous herpes dating sites available on the internet. And if you have herpes, too, you no longer need to worry about discrimination or deny when dealing with the opposite sex. Anyway, whenever you start searching for dating sites for people with herpes, you will come across many options. But which to choose? What site can be relied on and which services provide the most portfolios? Here, in this article, we are going to review the best sites worth your attention. Besides, we shall cover many essential points herpe singles should be aware of. If you are ready for new safer adventures, here we go.

The Best Herpes Sites

So, you are already preparing to create an account on a herpes dating site but can't determine which platform to stop your choice on. Here we have reviewed several most trustworthy and popular websites you will only benefit from.

Positive Singles

The largest hsv dating site is PositiveSingles.com. You see, it has over one and a half million subscribers. It is concentrated on STD and herpes dating and was founded in 2001. The vast majority of the subscribers are HSV singles (over 70%). And all of them are very friendly and eager to establish new relationships with each other. Moreover, the chances for finding a partner among singles with herpes on this website is the highest among all of the reviewed sites. Besides being desktop-applicable, the service is presented via an application as for Android so for iOS devices. Both applications are easy to implement while the unique "Let's Meet" option is designed to find your match quickly by swiping left or right. There are also other amazing features including Herpes Support Forum, Live Herpes Adviser, Live Dating Adviser, Treatment Stories, Herpes Cure, Herpes Care Location. The price for subscription is $29.95 a month.


This herpes dating website is designed especially for people with HSV-1 and HSV-2 diagnoses. With over 200, 000 members subscribed from around the world (most of them are from the States), finding the perfect match is quite easy. At first, the service was free, but it charges #29.95 per month for the premium membership. Users here are quite active since the basic membership is free. The service doesn't limit users' profile browsing or email answering. However, if you want to initiate an email, an upgrade is required.


Established in 2004, this herpes singles dating website is one of the oldest in the sphere. It's entirely free and you can chat, send messages thoroughly for free. Besides this, HerpesPassions offers a unique feature - to join an online network where you can choose other dating services depending on your requirements. The platform is dedicated to people suffering from herpes exclusively. Anyway, despite being a reliable platform, there are some downsides you should be aware of before signing in. The site has a somewhat uncomfortable layout, while the registration is complicated. The number of members here does not impress, and those who are registered can't be described as active.


One of the largest services suggesting meeting people with herpes online is H-Date. Registering here won't take you long and it's free of charge. What you need to mention only includes basic information. The site counts around 43 thousand profiles and most probably you will find your perfect partner among them. On the website, you will find such unique features as "voting poll" and "member hot list". These features imply voting for the most attractive members of the service thus making it more interactive than other platforms. However, what we didn't like about the online dating service for people with herpes is the low activity of the members despite all the efforts of the website to make it attractive. Besides it, though claiming to register only herpes positive people, the website also registers HIV positive singles and those with other STDs.


In the list of the safest dating websites catered to single people living with STDs with herpes, in particular, you will meet H-Mates. This is a free service which has a total of 22, 500 monthly visitors 10, 000 of which are active users. The website was founded in 2004 and is hence of the "veterans" of the industry. Here people gather to get support from each other, establish different relationships. You can find true friends here, or a life partner. The registration, just as the basic membership are free. The donor membership, however, costs from $10 to $100 depending on the length. If the standard membership gives access to an online chat room, quick/advanced search, the two-way matching service, and a few other features, the donor membership provides a wide array of possibilities using which finding a perfect match among HSV positive singles becomes an easy thing.


People suffering from herpes and loneliness will find this dating site for people with herpes a harbor. You see, this service creates a unique sensitive environment for HSV positives to connect with others who share the same desire to create strong bonds with someone. Becoming a member of this website, you get closer to your true love - just a click away. The one-time payment worth $30 you become a member and have the membership for the rest of your life. This is a unique approach compared to other sites and it has a serious reason for that, two reasons, to be more precise. First, the website is dedicated to the privacy of its members. When people sign in here they don't want to take their health condition to the public while a free membership or free-trials can result in a breach of privacy. And secondly, free memberships clutter a website. People get registered and don't approach it seriously, thus only boosting numbers of the site artificially. And HWERKS wants to avoid this.


Being a totally free dating site and community dedicated for herpes positive singles, HerpesAnonymous has been attracting people since its foundation in 2008. The website offers herpes blogs, herpes groups, forums, and news. Anyway, being entirely free, the website hasn't been advanced for the past twenty years. And it's still a small site. And another downside is the time necessary for approving the registration. After signing up, you will have to wait for several days to have your account approved. Till that, you can do nothing but wait. And it's a big issue. On the other hand, the website ensures a high level of privacy protection and this is quite an impressive feature.


And finally, our herpes dating sites' review is completed with a review of H-YPE. This platform is created for HSV positive singles from the United Kingdom. It ensures a positive experience for all subscribers knowing well that people suffering from herpes feel lonely and discriminated. Here you can hope to find love, friendship, and support by people like you. The registration and standard membership are free of charge. Yet, to get full access to all options of the site, you'd better become a full access member. This will cost from £5.95 (for a month) to £94.95 (the lifetime membership). The website is a straightforward one. Every link is to be found on the main page.

Why HSV Positive Singles Should Use Herpes Dating Service

Dating with someone suffering from STDs is indeed frightening. You can't speak about your health condition to others, as well. First, it feels daunting and awkward to speak loud about having this virus. And secondly, most people will get pissed off and won't like to continue your relationships. You must have already felt how uncomfortable such talks are and how high the risk of being rejected is. Meeting other infected people, meanwhile, guarantees equality between you. Whoever you get acquainted through herpes dating apps will suffer from the same health condition as you. He/she will understand your fears and worries, will not blame you for carelessness or irresponsibility. You see, there is no need to let herpes ruin your life, sentence you to loneliness or make you get separated from society. You are not alone, and there are numerous other people with the same diagnosis around you. All that you need is to get acquainted with them. And even if herpes can't be cured, you have all the chances to live a happy life.

Don't Let Herpes End Your Life

Having great sex with bright emotions and safety together is possible even with a not infected person. By following a few recommendations, you can have precaution measures and not pass the disease to your husband or mail order bride. Before this, have a sincere conversation with your partner and explain everything in detail. Check these points: You don't have to have cold sores or a genital outbreak currently to transmit herpes. Because of the asymptomatic shedding, when the virus is present yet is inactive, infecting your partner during sex is unavoidable. Therefore, always use dental dams, ordinary condoms, as well as little latex sheets to be placed over the vaginal area while having sex. There are special medications made to suppress the disease and lower the chance of transmitting or getting the virus. Valtrex is one of the most popular medications, in this case. It doesn't exclude any opportunity of getting or passing herpes but in combination with other barrier methods, this is much more likely. and finally, the most important point in having safe sex is telling about your condition with your partner. Together, you can work through it. If you get acquainted with someone from herpe dating sites free, they are sure to know how to date with herpes infected people.

You Won't Get a Rejection from the Right Person

It mustn't be new for you if we tell you most people will reject you the moment you speak about your diagnosis. However, this doesn't mean you must forget about finding your true love. A herpes diagnosis mustn't be taken as the end of the world. Once you meet the right person, you won't be rejected just because of your herpes. And most probably, that person is waiting for you in one of the HSV dating sites. However, if you still want to build relationships with one not aware of your health condition, you'd better consider having an honest talk to him/her. Arm yourself with information to talk about the actual risks and concerns of the virus. And always be willing to take all measures not to infect your partner while having sex. There are thousands of young people with oral and genital herpes speaking freely about the disease and having active sexual lives. dating with herpes is already possible if you know how to approach the case.

Final Words

Today many dating sites offer numerous opportunities for people with sexually transmitted diseases to date, fall in love and enjoy relationships. However, are herpes dating sites as credible as we have presented? Can you really find a perfect match here and enjoy your life to the full? And the answer is Yes! Those registered on such websites are aware of your condition once you appear there. And they share the same emotional conditions as you. Despite certain opinions that people have related to herpes dating websites (they consider that the sites encourage discrimination against infected people), they really facilitate one's life. You no longer have to explain the condition or prove you can have sex without passing your infection. Just date with someone like you and avoid all the hustle and bustle.